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Sports Massage in Sutton and Fulham

What is sports massage? Sports massage can be defined as a special type of massage tailored for sporting injuries or non-specific ailments. Unlike typical massages, a sports massage is quite vigorous and isn’t meant solely for relaxation. Contrary to popular belief, sports massage isn’t meant for professional athletes or people who exercise heavily. The techniques can be beneficial to anyone who exercises or for anyone who suffers from symptoms such as stress or tension.


Also, the massage doesn’t focus on the whole body like regular massages. Sports massage focuses on specific areas of the body that are bound to be overused or stressed from aggressive as well as repetitive movements involved with specific exercises or other causes such as long hours sitting in one position.


In the recent past, many aspects of sports massage have gained popularity and become very useful in balanced training regimens. The massage is used to enhance preparation ahead of an event. Sports massage also helps to reduce recovery time allowing maximum performance after an event. Athletes use sports massage to promote flexibility, reduce fatigue, improve endurance, prevent injuries as well as prepare the body and mind for maximum performance.


Sports massage is administered via specific restoration and training massage techniques used on-site at athletic events. Sports massage is applied before, during and after exercise. It usually includes specialised types of massage including deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy massage & remedial massage.

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Sports massage prices

30 mins - £30

45 mins - £40

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Who is sports massage for?

As mentioned above, sports massage is for anyone whether you're a professional athlete or someone suffering from stress and discomfort. Although the massage therapy is mostly common among athletes, anyone can benefit from it. Adding sports massage therapy to your regular workout regimen is great. It is, however, advisable to talk to professional massage therapists to get a specialised massage therapy plan that will work for you perfectly depending on factors such as; your daily schedule, type of physical activity, level of fitness as well as your budget.

Why use sports massage?

You should use sports massage to prevent injuries and aid in relaxation. Sports massage can also help you get relieve for injuries as well as conditions associated with exercise. The massage minimises injury risks and also reduces recovery time in the event of an injury. The massage therapy can be quite vigorous making it ideal for relieving stress and tension that usually builds up in the soft tissues of the body during exercise. You should also use sports massage if you need to increase your endurance as well as boost your overall performance. If you want to be more efficient at the exercise or physical activity you engage in often, sports massage will really come in handy for you.

"Cath is a superstar! The only person who has managed to get any mobility into my spine."

Benefits of sports massage

Sports massage has a variety of benefits. The most notable ones include:


Prevents muscle soreness

Muscle soreness is a huge problem among people who engage in any kind of physical activity or exercise. Muscle soreness is, in fact, one of the main reasons why most people avoid physical activities. Sports massage has proven to prevent delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) which results in the greatest amount of pain. DOMS develops 24 to 72 hours after exercising. Typical muscle soreness develops 12-24 hours after exercise. Sports massage boosts blood as well as lymph flow in the body preventing muscle fatigue.


Reduces pain and stress

Sports massage also helps in the reduction of pain and stress. Individuals who undergo sports massage therapy tend to release higher levels of neurotransmitters known as endorphins. These neurotransmitters which are the body’s main natural pain relievers are released by the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. Endorphins released during massage therapy are also known to reduce anxiety, boost mood as well as enhance a person’s overall state of well-being. The massage has been proven to be effective in reducing competition stress by boosting confidence, feelings of relaxation and readiness.


Prevent/treats injuries

Skillfully applied massage such as sports massage is very effective in releasing muscle tension as well as restoring proper balance to the musculoskeletal system. With less muscle tension and more balance, your chances of getting injured while exercising decrease drastically. Sports massage is particularly effective for injuries resulting from overexertion or overuse of certain body muscles.

Sports massage also treats injuries resulting from overexertion or overuse such as shin splints, sprains, strains, tennis elbows, corked thighs common among individuals and athletes who exercise often.


Other sports massage benefits

There are many other benefits you stand to enjoy from sports massage. They include but aren’t limited to; Relieves swelling, Boosts flexibility, Improves blood and lymph circulation/flow, Increases mental clarity and alertness, Improve postural as well as general body awareness.

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