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Lymphatic drainage in Sutton and Fulham

What is lymphatic drainage? Manual lymph drainage, lymphatic massage or lymphatic drainage is a specialised massage technique employed in the treatment of lymphedema; a condition characterised by the accumulation of lymph after the lymph nodes are removed (during surgery for example mastectomy for treating breast cancer). Lymphedema can be present at birth. The condition can also develop at puberty or adulthood. This type of lymphedema is referred to as primary lymphedema. The condition usually affects all limbs and/or other body parts as well. Lymphatic drainage is medically recommended for lymphedema although it is used for other conditions as well that result in the accumulation of lymph.


If the lymphatic system isn’t working properly, the main sign/symptom is usually oedema (tight swollen tissue). Swelling that is caused by a poorly working lymphatic system can result from many things such as long distance traveling which causes the ankles and legs to become very tight and puffy. Some medical conditions also cause oedema. A poor diet or eating too much starch and junk foods can also cause our bodies to become sluggish resulting in poor lymph flow.


Lymphatic drainage is simply an intervention that encourages proper lymph to drain properly. Lymphatic drainage is usually administered as a stand-alone procedure or incorporated in massage treatment. It’s also worth noting that lymphatic massage differs depending on factors such as; the condition being treated. The aim of the massage, however, remains the same; to boost lymph flow.


Since lymphatic vessels are usually fine and located near the skin, lymphatic drainage isn’t a deep treatment. Stimulation usually targets the closest lymph nodes initially to prepare them to handle lymph that will be sent to them. The massage aims at clearing and moving lymph towards the heart. Lymphatic drainage feels very gentle, however, it is very effective.

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Who is lymphatic drainage for?

Several conditions respond well to lymphatic drainage.
The conditions include but aren’t limited to:


  • Medical conditions involving the removal of lymph nodes
  • Swollen legs/ankles after air travel
  • Following cosmetic surgery such as liposuction or other types of surgery resulting in scar tissue and swelling.
  • Tight sore breasts (Fibrocystic disease or PMT).
  • Pregnancy: Swelling caused by pregnancy can be treated easily using lymphatic drainage.
  • Headache: You may also need lymphatic drainage to get rid of a headache i.e. after long travel.
  • Other reasons: You may also require lymphatic drainage if there are underlying reasons for you to have poor lymphatic flow. For instance; lack of exercise and poor diet usually compromise lymph flow. If you don’t exercise or maintain a healthy diet, a lymphatic massage will go a long way. It’s worth noting the body needs muscle to push lymph around the body. Poor diets also increase the production of waste creating congestion in the lymphatic system.

Why use lymphatic drainage?

Lymphatic drainage is crucial because of the health risks associated with having poor lymph flow. For instance, since lymph carries white blood cells around the body performing vital defense functions, poor lymph flow compromises the functions of the immune system exposing the body to serious health risks. Furthermore, most people don’t exercise and maintain healthy diets constantly. This factor alone makes lymphatic drainage ideal for almost anyone.

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Benefits of lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage has multiple benefits the most notable being:


Improved skin health

Lymphatic drainage is great for lessening the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The massage can also reduce the appearance of old and new scar tissue boosting a person’s overall skin beauty.



Lymphatic drainage also has detoxification benefits. Since lymph carries white blood cells around the body, improved flow helps the body get rid of unwanted toxins faster.


Promotes healing

Lymphatic drainage also promotes healing after injury or surgery resulting in swollen tissue. Lymphatic drainage is a gentle yet effective treatment. It is perfect for reducing inflammation as well as improving healing.


Reduces swelling

Lymphatic massage is ideal for reducing swelling associated with long travel, pregnancy as well as conditions like arthritis. All of these conditions respond well to lymphatic drainage.


Boosts relaxation

Lymphatic drainage is also effective for relaxation purposes. The treatment has a very cleansing and rejuvenating effect which is crucial for relieving stress.


Relieves headaches

Most headaches have an element of congestion which responds well to lymphatic drainage.

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